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    I need a new key / remote or access swipe to my unit.

    Replacement remotes / fobs / swipes / keys to common property areas


    ESM can assist with replacement remotes / fobs / swipes / keys to common property areas. ESM cannot assist with key access to individual units.

    More information

    If you suspect your fob has been stolen, then contact your Strata Manager (for owners) or Property Manager (for tenants) as soon as practicable as there is a need to deactivate the fob ASAP so as to maintain the security of the complex for all residents.

    If your fob has has been misplaced it will also need to be deactivated and replaced. Please contact your Strata Manager or Property Manager who will assist with this process.

    Order a new key or access device

    There will be a charge for the replacement fob and possibly for the re-coding of the fob also (depending on the requirements at the complex).

    ESM do not hold keys to the individual unit doors. You will need to contact your Property Manager or a locksmith should you need to gain entry to your unit.

    Every property has their own key register. ESM usually holds a master set for contractors who need to access the common property for maintenance (e.g. fire alarm testing, cleaners, etc). Sometimes a council member, onsite building manager, or caretaker also have a set. Each building is different.

    If you need further information for your building and you are an owner or Property Manager, please contact ESM Strata.

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