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    Proxy Forms: Do I need one and how do I complete it?

    Do I need to fill in a proxy form and how do I complete one?


    A proxy form allows owners to appoint someone else to speak and act as their proxy holder and to vote on their behalf at general meetings.

    Proxy forms are sent out with each notice of meeting and can also be found below.

    A proxy form must be filled out correctly to be considered valid. Consult your Strata Manager if you require further information.

    More Information

    Joint Owners
    If you are a joint owner of your lot, then all co-proprietors need to complete a proxy form nominating someone to represent their lot at general meetings (that person could be one of the co-proprietors or someone else).

    Strata Titles Act 1985 - Schedule 1
    14 . Votes of proprietors
    (7) Co-proprietors may vote by proxy jointly appointed by them and in the absence of such a proxy are not entitled to vote on a show of hands, except when the unanimous resolution of proprietors is required by the Act.

    If the lot is owned by an Incorporate Proprietor (a company), then a proxy form will need to be completed and signed by an authorised representative of the incorporated proprietor appointing someone to act as their proxy for general meetings.

    Enduring Proxy
    An enduring proxy form may be submitted to allow someone else to speak, act and to vote on an owner's behalf at all general meetings in an ongoing capacity, until the enduring proxy is revoked.

    Download a proxy form

    Proxy forms are sent out with each notice of meeting, however you can download additional ones below.

    Download and fill out one of the proxy forms below and:

    • Email it to your strata manager before the meeting date
    • Email it manager before the meeting date
    • Post to PO Box 779, Victoria Park WA 6979 before the meeting date.

    These forms have to be filled out and signed by you in person for legal reasons and can not be filled in electronically through an online form.

    Proxy form.docm (Microsoft Word version) 

    Proxy form (fill, print & sign).pdf (PDF version)

    Enduring proxy form (fill, print & sign).pdf (PDF version)

    For the PDF versions once you click the link - select the "Open in Acrobat Reader" option to complete, then print and sign.

    Example Case

    Jayne and Tom bought a lot in a small complex several years ago. Whilst they are still joint owners, they no longer live together and Tom has now moved interstate. Tom is happy for Jayne to carry on living at  the complex and at some point when they both decide to sell, they will divide the equity in the asset.

    Tom has no interest in attending any meetings, so he has signed an enduring proxy form, which is valid until he says otherwise.

    Jayne presents this enduring proxy form to the chairperson ahead of every meeting and this enables her to have full voting rights.

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